Make a Rug Club!

Make a Rug Club! has been a great success! Students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade could sign up to participate in the experience, and once they got the hang of using the latch hook, they were off to the races! After four weeks of club, we’ve had lots of fun and enjoyed listening to different music genres while setting goals and working toward completion!


¡Nuestro club de hacer alfombras ha sido un éxito grande! Los estudiantes de 4º, 5º, y 6º podían inscribirse para participar en esta experiencia. Una vez que se acostumbraron a usar el gancho, ¡empezaron trabajar más rápido! Después de cuatro semanas del club, nos hemos divertido mucho y hemos disfrutado muchos géneros de música mientras determinar nuestras metas de terminar la alfombra.






One response to “Make a Rug Club!

  1. What a fun project to practice interpreting charts. The bonus will be an amazing and useful rug. I’m anxious to see the finished product.

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