Recently in our classroom we had our first auction and Halloween. Here is a picture of our costume parade. We walked around the school and we also got some exercise. While we were  outside at the parade we could see other cool costumes. Overall it was a very good Halloween.

Esta semana en nuestra clase tuvimos un desfile. Aqui esta una foto de nuestro desfile de disfraces. Caminamos alrededor de la escuela y también hicimos algo de ejercicio. Cuando eras afuera podías ver unos genial costumbres. Sobre todo fue un muy buen halloween.

On Halloween we also had our first ever AUCTION! Students brought in objects like toys, stuffed animals and even the teacher had some books and other things, so we had some people talking really fast to auction things. If you brought an object, you could earn care cash and in our class if other people bought it, they had to pay you.

En Halloween también tuvimos nuestra primera SUBASTA! Estudiantes trajo unos  juguetes, animales de peluche y también la maestra trajo unos libros y otras cosas. Entonces tuvimos unos niños hablando muy rápido para vender cada objeto. Si tu trajiste un objeto, podías ganar unos care cash y si una persona lo compro. Tenian que pagarte.


2 responses to “Halloween

  1. I love all the “life lessons” you’re teaching these perceptive children. Is there a way you could include the photos in a larger format – or ability to enlarge?

    • Thank you for your interest in our activities! I’ve started using a new application to allow students to publish their posts straight from Google Docs over the WordPress. Due to the change, I think the photo format changes a bit which makes it difficult to enlarge. If you ever want a larger copy of a specific picture, please email me at kathrynrodriguez@u-46.org, and I can get that to you!

      Thank you again! 🙂

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