Mighty Acorns Field Trip

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    Class field trip to . . .MIGHTY acorns

Recently our class went on a field trip to mighty acorns, if you don’t know what that is, it’s a forest owned by Elgin High school. We will go there again on the 28th of April to go see what has changed (hopefully there is gonna be no mud in April). It was REALLY MUDDY!! We got to cut down a special kind of plant called: buckthorn. If birds eat buckthorn; their ¨scat¨ (poop) will become seeds!!!!! That can lead to destroying other trees!! THAT’S NOT GOOD!! We also learned about animals and their skulls (they were fossils they had for a while).”It was fun!!(even though we stepped in mud)”said student.


Recientemente nuestra clase fue en una excursión a mighty acorns, si no sabes lo que es que es un bosque propiedad de Elgin High School. Volveremos allí de nuevo.En abril 28 para ir a ver lo que ha cambiado (espero que no va a ser ningún barro en abril).ii¡Era realmente MUDDY!!!Tenemos que cortar un tipo especial de planta llamada: espino cerval. Si las aves comen espino cerval; Su ¨scat¨ (caca) se convertirá en semillas !!!!! ¡Eso puede llevar a destruir otros árboles!ii ESO NO ES BUENO!! Nosotros también aprendimos de los craneos



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