Alright, SSL students!!! Here’s tons of resources to assist you with your Spanish learning! 🙂 Some are free and some are not, so be sure to ask your parents before agreeing to pay for one of these.

Listening Practice with Music Exercises 

Learn the basics: Learn with El Chavo del Ocho (a famous TV character from the 1970s) 

YouTube episodes of El Chavo del 8 : A great listening exercise! Keep a written list of what you understand in an episode. Keep a line graph to show how many words/phrases you understand each time you watch an episode.

YouTube episodes of El Chavo del 8 with English subtitles 

Spanish article about the cultural impact of El Chavo del 8 

Read and listen to current news articles at , leveled easy and hard, student can also answer comprehension questions (free trial and then it’s $15/month) 

List of YouTube channels with Spanish lesson videos 

List of free Spanish podcast websites 

How to learn Spanish from movies offers authentic Spanish videos (movie trailers, TV commercials, music videos, etc) and comprehension quizzes. Sign up is free. An extension of offers free Spanish articles, vocabulary and grammar lessons.

Great Spanish dictionary at also has free videos on YouTube to teach verb forms, questions, and tricky words to make your own flashcards! Practice for vocabulary and grammar Use the conjugator to practice verb tenses, or watch interesting video clips from Spanish-speaking countries. Beginner and Advanced levels. Learn vocabulary through listening to and reading dialogue. Geared toward adult learners (some topics are more adult like how to say you are married). Free trial and then it’s $12.95/month. Rates are lower depending on how long you subscribe for.

Mobile Apps to Check Out: Duolingo (free), Rosetta Stone (free demo), FluentU (free), MindSnacks ($4.99), Memrise (free), Cat Spanish (free), Fluencia ($14.95/month), Open Language ($30/month), Mosalingua ($4.99-$5.99), Busuu (lots of speaking practice, $21/month), Lingualia ($14.95), Speak Easy ($3.99)

Just for fun: Idioms from Around the World

Disney Songs for Fluency Practice

Un ciclo sin fin

Hakuna Matata

Un nuevo mundo

Bajo el mar

Lo mas vital





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