Simple Machines

Simple Machines Game 

Compound Machines Game

BrainPop Videos about Simple Machines – Las maquinas simplesLa polea, La palanca, La rueda y eje

La conversión de energía — Invenciones ejemplares de 5o grado 

How Energy Changes — Quick Video

A Guide to the Energy of the Earth 

BrainPop Videos about Energy Conversion – Las fuentes de energiaLos biocombustibles, Los circuitos electricos, Los combustibles fosiles, La corriente electrica, La electricidad, La energia eolica, La energia nuclear, La energia solar, La energia hidraulica,

Buy the MouseTrap game here!! (Sorry it’s kind of expensive…) 

Billiards Games Great for analyzing what happens when two objects collide! You will need to register with an email address in order to play. Be sure you have your parents permission!

Rube Goldberg Machines: The Basics with Sesame Street, How to Ring a Bell, Article of Different Machines 

Official Rube Goldberg Website 

For some incredible machines, conduct a Google search about “Rube Goldberg Machines”! You’ll be awestruck!

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