Reporter Responsibilities

Weekly Reporters

Congratulations!! This is your week to record our classroom memories. You will be reporting about the learning we are doing here in 4th grade, and you will be photographing our experiences to accompany your written article. Below are the requirements:

  • Report on our learning experiences of the week.
  • Text must be written in both English and Spanish (English is written in normal font, and Spanish is written in italics). Please use Times New Roman, size 12.
  • Include 5-8 pictures with your text. You may use the SD card reader to transfer photos from the camera into your written article.
  • Your written article and photos are due THURSDAY of the week you are assigned.

You may use your Computer Lab time to type the text of the article, save it on your USB, and transfer it to your teacher’s computer. Once you have transferred your article to your teacher’s computer, she will post it to our website!

Thank you for your help communicating with our family and friends!!

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