Survival Challenge

Survival Challenge 101

You are in southern New Mexico driving (road trip, anyone? :)) to the Grand Canyon in Arizona on a family vacation when suddenly the car breaks down. Unfortunately all GPS, cell phone, and other electronic batteries are dead, so you’ll have to work together to survive.  Over the next few days, you will need to decide with your “family” about how you will get back to civilization.

First mission: Know the southern New Mexico terrain, wildlife and weather. (Yes, ironically, you are able to research on the Internet in class and at home to help you attain the knowledge that will help you survive. ;)) Here are some resources to get you started:

Black Range Mountains Biome Information

New Mexico Animals in the Wild

Southern New Mexico Temperatures in September

Drought Alerts

Weather Forecast 

Elevation Map

Rio Grande River

Truth or Consequences Hot Springs in Southern New Mexico

 Hillsboro, New Mexico — Historical, Multicultural Town

Arrey, New Mexico — Ghost Town

San Antonio, New Mexico — Tourist Destination Town

Elephant Butte Lake State Park


Second mission: Decide your list of Top Ten survival tools that would be ideal to have with you during this survival adventure. The list of possible survival tools will be given in class.




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